Do You Want to Raise Your Child to Solve Problems with Passion, Resilience, and Empathy?

"A founder is anyone who sees a problem, recognizes his or her potential to do something about it, and takes the necessary steps to create a solution."

As a parent, you want the best for your children. You want to prepare them for success, help them realize their true potential, and empower them to take initiative on their own to solve the problems they see each day. Raising your child with a founder's mindset will provide your son or daughter with the tools to address an issue or follow a passion, to make some part of the world — no matter how small or large — a better place.

In his book, "How to Raise a Founder With Heart," the creator of the LeapPad Learning System — and father of two founders in their own right — provides parents with a framework for raising children with the skills critical to becoming a good founder.

Proceeds from “How to Raise a Founder With Heart” will be donated to organizations and projects supporting children, families, and education to reduce violence in the world, including The Gratitude Network, Common Hope, and Rotary International.


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Here's just a sampling of what readers will learn about:


How to help children approach any issue by first finding the right problem to solve


The Founder's Top 3:
why, how, and what


How to think like a founder, including developing mental patterns and resisting defeatist thinking


Why developing your children's empathy is the greatest behavior you can cultivate


How to help your children pursue their interests safely, even when there is risk-taking involved


The actions you need for molding your children into self-motivated founders

Praise for Jim Marggraff’s "How to Raise a Founder With Heart"

“I've spent most of my life developing programs and founding ventures to help people surpass their self-imposed limits and realize their ultimate potential. It's a tremendous pleasure to read a book written for parents that will help them establish a mindset of problem-solving, empathy, and limitless potential in their children. Jim has nailed it. He weaves together his entrepreneurial background—including creating the LeapFrog LeapPad, one of the most successful educational products in history—and family experiences into a compelling book of stories, science, and parenting tips that are funny, poignant, and insightful. How to Raise a Founder With Heart is a must-read.”

—Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, philanthropist, bestselling author, and life and business strategist


“The current generation of adults—us—is leaving the next generation—our own children and grandchildren—with some huge PTSs (problems to solve). Social problems include wars and poverty; science problems include global warming, cancer, dementia—and we still need to get to another planet. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The good news is that we’re giving the next generation powerful microprocessor-based tools that no previous generation has had. That’s why the timing of this different kind of parenting book is so important. How to Raise a Founder With Heart reads more like a story-filled conversation with Jim Marggraff rather than a list of parenting directives, and it’s full of helpful seed ideas that just might grow into some much-needed solutions.”

—Warren Buckleitner, educational researcher and editor of Children’s Technology Review


"This is a fascinating book. It will be very useful to its immediate audience—parents who want to help their children develop the healthiest intellectual, emotional, and moral habits for life—and it’s also full of valuable insights and tips for a wide range of readers. I'm very glad that Jim Marggraff has shared the lessons of his business and family experiences."

—James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly and author of Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey Into the Heart of America


“Among the scores of entrepreneurs I met in 20 years of reporting on Silicon Valley for the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, and other publications, Jim Marggraff always stood out. A serial inventor who created megahits like LeapFrog's LeapPad, a "talking” book that taught millions of children how to read, he always showed a knack for tackling real-world problems with ingenuity and a sense of purpose. In How to Raise a Founder With Heart, Jim has turned the lessons he learned along the way into a practical parenting guide focused on nurturing a child's problem-solving abilities. It's a timely book filled with actionable advice for parents who want to foster in their children the mindset of a "founder"—someone with the initiative and courage to tackle any problem, zero in on its essence, and solve it with a eye toward making a positive contribution. How to Raise a Founder With Heart is filled with stories from Jim's life as an entrepreneur and from his and his wife's, MJ, journey raising their children, Blake and Annie, that make it a delightful read.”

—Miguel Helft, former San Francisco bureau chief and technology editor at Forbes


“This book was written primarily as a tool to assist parents in teaching their children one of the vital life skills, that of problem-solving. It accomplishes this wonderfully. And it does so much more. Way too many adults don’t have that skill set for themselves, never mind teaching it to their kids. This book is just as valuable for parents and nonparents. It’s easy to read and offers practical advice. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their own problem-solving skills or those of their children.”

—Thea Singer Spitzer, PhD, principal of Critical Change LLC, and author


“Overall, I think this book will appeal to many parents because of its insights, ideas, and encouragement to parents that they, too, can turn their kids into productive leaders and founders. The chapter on empathy is my favorite of all the chapters. Getting your kids to put themselves in others’ shoes is a life-changer, when it works!”

—Randy Haykin, entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, and author

“I’ve been a business leader (but not a founder) at several successful children-oriented companies and had the pleasure of working closely with Jim as an entrepreneurial founder at LeapFrog. I always admired Jim for his brilliance and creativity, as well as for how he and his wife, MJ, raised their amazing children. How to Raise a Founder with Heart is a great guide for raising wonderful children. It’s a must-read for all parents and grandparents, but it’s also extremely helpful to those engaged in business and anyone who is curious about improving their own lives and the lives of others. I highly recommend you give it a read.”

—Tom Kalinske, former CEO of Matchbox, Sega, and Mattel, and former CEO and chairman of LeapFrog

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